Precision Organisation Reflects on Trip to Cyprus Island

Entrepreneurs from the network within Precision Organisation spent time in the sun on a rest and relaxation trip to Cyprus Island. The purpose of the excursion was to celebrate achievements and enjoy each other's company.

“There’s plenty of reason to take part in a festive occasion like this,” said Dan M., Precision Organisation’s Owner. “The independent contractors within this community are accomplishing many of their goals and realising their business plans. Travel is one of the options towards which they can work, which motivated their efforts even more.”

Dan reiterated that selected individuals qualified by meeting certain objectives. “People who are advancing their own businesses have resources and coaching available to them which can ensure their long-term success,” Precision Organisation’s Owner explained. “Travel incentives are one of the ways in which we recognise and celebrate their goal attainments.”

Emily, Dan, Kristina, James, and John were all invited to partake in what was aptly referred to as an R&R trip. “Each of these contractors has performed at the top of their game and grabbed their place on this trip,” Dan stated. “It’s important to find a balance between work and play, especially when we’re all moving at a hectic pace. Once we arrived at Cyprus Island, we were able to exhale and focus on rejuvenation.”

Cyprus Island, located in the East Mediterranean, is certainly a great spot to relax and re-energise spirits. “It’s a great spot with something for everyone, from ancient ruins that intrigue history fanatics to turquoise waters for sun-worshippers to lie by and soak in the rays,” Dan explained.

When they weren’t unwinding, these contractors could network with others who also achieved goals. “It was an all-around celebration, befitting of our accomplishments this year,” he said.

Precision Organisation’s Owner on Why Travel Incentives Are Important

“Travel adventures are a favourite pastime within Precision Organisation,” Dan said. “Entrepreneurs love to compete against their own best records and trips are a great way to identify those who go that extra mile to realise a goal.”

The bonds that form over a relaxing excursion, such as a vacation on Cyprus Island, are ones that last a lifetime. “There is a strong camaraderie that develops amongst contractors that is strengthened by trips together,” explained Dan. “We get to learn more about each other, perhaps discover other areas of interest, and simply laugh and have fun. These moments are ones we not only cherish, but they form the basis for lasting relationships on which we can rely throughout our professional journeys. This travel event was amazing. I know we all can’t wait for the next chance to go.”

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