Precision Organisation Recaps a Successful 2017

It's been an exciting year for Precision Organisation. From recognition to opportunities for business consultants to travel and build upon their own growth, 2017 has been the start of good things for this emerging firm.

​Dan A., Precision Organisation’s Owner, stated “This year, each member of the community was challenged to reach further and move closer to owning his or her own enterprise. The results these individuals have attained have helped increase visibility for socially good causes, while establishing them and Precision Organisation as an industry leader.”

For their efforts, Precision Organisation was recognised as the industry’s most consistent company because it kept in line with the factors that determine success. “This is a huge honour,” said Dan. “It’s a testament to the business model and the resources available to those within the community. Coaching opportunities have been available this year so that independent contractors have the guidance they need to learn the business and prepare themselves for entrepreneurship.” 

In recognition for their outstanding performances, business consultants had the chance to travel to exotic locales around Europe. “Some went on a ski trip to France”, Dan shared. “Others enjoyed the splendours of the Portugal coast on our rest and relaxation retreat. Each of these trips provided both recreational opportunities as well as a chance to network with others who are taking control of their professional journeys.”

Precision Organisation Owner Discusses Goals for 2018 and Goal Setting

Dan advised that the growth Precision Organisation attained during this year will only be built upon in 2018. “We’ve set the stage for expansions next year,” he said. “We plan to open two offices in Leeds, while our Colchester location expands further as well.”

“We are realising success because of how we do business,” Dan stated. “The entire network of business consultants has set specific, measurable goals for themselves that they wish to attain in the coming year. Those who take advantage of the success environment here to progress their own businesses will experience further growth.” 

As Dan stressed, “What we’ve accomplished in 2017 has included a learning curve which will serve as a blueprint for 2018’s success. Over the course of next year, we look forward to opening opportunities for more independent contractors to launch their pathways to entrepreneurship. It’s an exciting time to leap into this industry and grab a foothold on a professional journey with unlimited potential. The future is here.”

About Precision Organisation: 

Precision Organisation uses the power of personal connection to give voice to worthy causes. Brand ambassadors use enthusiasm and strategic messaging to engage people in residential, professional, and public settings. By earning the trust of targeted audiences, they create value for the clients they serve. The firm serves companies of all sizes, from small nonprofits to global firms. This is a community in which people exchange industry knowledge and support one another to achieve better results. Learn more about this top-tier brand representation by visiting

Source: Precision Organisation